15/10/2015 09:02 BST | Updated 15/10/2015 09:59 BST

‘X Factor': Mason Noise's Return Sparks ‘Fix' Claims And Outrage From Fans

Nick Grimshaw’s decision to bring the controversial Mason Noise back onto the ‘X Factor’ hasn’t gone down well with fans of the show, and some have even gone as far as labelling the move a “fix”.


Nick was visibly torn when Simon shouted at Mason in Sunday’s show, but opted to put Tom Bleasby through to judges houses.

Mason isn't helping Nick win over any fans

So, following news of Tom’s surprise decision to quit the show, it wasn’t exactly a total shock when Nick announced that he was bringing Mason back - but fans of ‘X Factor’ aren’t exactly impressed, and some have even made fix accusations:

Mason will now join Ben Clark, Che Chesterman, Josh Daniel, Simon Lynch and Seann Miley Moore at the judges’ houses stage, where Nick is being assisted by Mark Ronson.

We’re not sure how pleased Simon will be with Nick’s move, as he was the one who booted Mason off at the six-chair challenge.

Mason and Si had a bust-up during the audition, when Mason criticised the way producers had edited his first audition.

The 'X Factor' judges were not impressed with Mason's rant

The row ended with Simon branding him an “a******e” and demanding that he leave the arena.

Tom’s announcement he was quittingcame as a shock to fans, and reports suggesting that former ‘The Voice’ coach Jessie J might have influenced his decision later emerged.

Was Nick right to bring Mason back? Share your thoughts below…

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