It's The Really Tricky Spot-The-No.1-Album-Cover-Of-The-90's Quiz!

90's No.1 album cover quiz
90's No.1 album cover quiz

Aaaaah, the 90s. It was the decade that brought us Britpop classics from Oasis ('Definitely Maybe') and Blur ('Parklife') as well as grunge, kickstarted by Nirvana's seminal 'Nevermind'.

And despite all those guitars and greasy fringes, there was still room for pop to get a look in, not least from the Spice Girls, who quickly took over the world with their very own brand of girl power.

But how well do you remember the music of that decade? Or more specifically, the album covers of that decade?

Well here's your chance to prove it with our not-as-easy-as-you-might-think quiz.

Just try and avoid getting too misty-eyed because you'll need a sharp pair of peepers to be in with a chance of naming all of these No.1 albums just from a section of the cover art.

Good Luck!

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