'Hoverboard' Company AirWheel Devise Brilliant Way Of Getting Around Ban

This Is How You Get Around The 'Hoverboard' Ban In Case You're Wondering

Let's admit that we were all quite crushed when 'Hoverboards' were deemed illegal to ride in public.

However, 'AirBoard' creators 'AirWheel,' have come up with an alternative to get around the ban.

Meet Hover Box, the cloak and dagger get-up that will help you enjoy the wonders of 'Hoverboard,' without breaking the law.

AirWheel's cardboard box covers any 'AirBoard' so that nobody will know any better.

Well, it doesn't actually change anything. AirWheel put the 'Box' on sale for £4.99 to make a point to the powers that be.

"We've done it to retaliate in a bit of a ridiculous way to what is a ridiculous law," AirWheel director Scott Fidgett told i100.

"The law shouldn't apply to our units. It was created over a hundred years ago. It even mentioned a horse and cart."

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, 'Hoverboards' like the AirWheel Airboard are actually classed as motor vehicles, which means that:

"As such drivers will require a driving licence and third party insurance. A driver of a self balancing personal transporter will be in breach of section 87 and section 143 Road Traffic Act 1988."

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