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The Answer To All Your Parenting Questions Is Just One Phone Call Away...

When you're busy looking after a new baby, it's easy to forget that you also need some looking after yourself.

New mothers have plenty on their plates, from recovering post-labour to figuring out how to feed, change, bathe and care for the precious newborn they've just brought into the world.

And as that infant gets bigger, the excitement and enjoyment grows... and so does the list of questions. Is it OK that my baby's not sleeping through the night yet? When should I start weaning? What does a healthy baby diet look like? How do I cope with my toddler's tantrums? Am I losing it? Help! And the list goes on and on.

Not to worry - SMA ® Baby Club is here for advice, tips and guidance with the

SMA ® Careline and Live Chat service. Offering direct access to expert mums with years of experience, the SMA ® Careline is a brilliant resource for free advice and support whenever you need it.

There to provide free support when friends and family aren't available, SMA ® Nutrition's new Live Chat service (9am - 5pm weekdays) ensures that the answer to any parenting woe is just a click away.

You can also email or make a free call on 0800 0 81 81 80 (UK) or 01800 931 832 (Ireland) between 8am - 6pm from Monday to Friday. An out-of-hours call back service is offered if you need to speak to someone outside of normal weekday hours - just leave a message with your number and someone will get in touch.

The SMA Careline offers friendly, personalised and practical advice whether you're up in the night or need a solution to something on the go. You'll speak to mums like Mandy, a founding member of the Careline team who has listened to thousands of parents over the years and sees the Careline as a friend who is always ready to listen.

Even if you just need a bit of reassurance, Careline mums are here to help, and to let you know that even though your baby might not be able to say it yet, they think you're doing great.

Navigate the wondrous and chaotic journey of parenting ahead with a community of others by joining the SMA Baby Club for tips, treats and more.