Graphic Shows The Shocking Effects Smoking Can Have On The Body

If you've been thinking about quitting smoking, the interactive infographic below may give you the final bit of motivation you need.

As you scroll down the cigarette, the graphic reveals the shocking effect smoking cigarettes can have on the body.

For women, the diagram shows that smoking is a risk factor for a number of conditions such as acne, teeth discolouration, lung cancer and fertility issues.

For men, the consequences include acne, teeth discolouration, Crohn’s disease, lung cancer and erectile dysfunction.

The graphic was created by researchers at the online doctor HealthExpress to tie in with the NHS "Stoptober" campaign.

The team gathered data from a number of official sources, such as leading stop smoking charities, and, as well as the NHS, in order to create the graphic.

Try the tool out for yourself below or visit the NHS for advice on how to quit smoking.

Click here to view a male version of the graphic.

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