‘Strictly Come Dancing': Jay McGuiness Defended By Previous Hopeful Frankie Bridge Over Dance Experience Dispute

Former 'Strictly' Star Defends Jay's Previous Dance Training

Former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star Frankie Bridge has jumped to the defence of this year’s hot favourite Jay McGuiness, following a dispute over the fact he’s previously had dance training.

The singer became the first dancer of the current series to land a perfect 10 last week, however the fact he’s had professional training before didn’t go unnoticed online.

Jay and Aliona have barely put a foot wrong on the dancefllor

"People like Jay, or me because I was in a band, people go, 'Oh you've done this before'.

“I hadn't had any ballet training or ballroom training, getting up and dancing around on stage is a bit different. But that criticism comes out every year."

The pressure’s on for Jay to impress this weekend, when he dances the Quickstep to ‘My Generation’ by The Who, with his pro partner Aliona Vilani.

Frankie will join this year's celebs on the next 'Strictly' tour

This year’s series hasn’t been without its drama, and Aliona and Jay found themselves hitting headlines when rumours of a rift between the ‘Strictly’ pro and her husband surfaced in early October.

The couple are reported to have had a backstage bust-up over snaps of Jay with his arms wrapped around Aliona and a source said at the time: “Her husband accused her of ignoring him and was clearly put out by how intimate Jay and Aliona’s dance had been.

“Most people on the show feel sorry for Vincent, because it hasn’t been an easy few days for him.

“He’s trying to stay supportive but Aliona didn’t accept his point and was bolshie and snappy back.”

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