Watch David Cameron Get Angry At 'Self-Righteous' Labour MPs During PMQs

David Cameron got really angry during prime minister's questions on Wednesday when asked about job losses at British steel manufacturing plants.

Responding to a Labour MP, a worked-up Cameron told the Opposition benches he was sick of getting "self-righteous" lectures from Labour MPs such as Anna Turley and Nic Dakin, who represent seats hit by steel job losses.

Cameron declared "I don't want to make promises I can't keep" about steel production in the UK, a remark that sparked loud jeers from Labour MPs who felt it was an apt summary of his broken election pledge to protect tax credits.

His temper flaring, Cameron ploughed on and got more agitated as he hit back at Labour's own record on manufacturing.

"We can't set the steel price here in this House. And we can't go beyond the sorts of steps I have talked about on procurement on energy on industrial support," he said.

"Let me just remind members opposite, they might like to remember something of their own record. Under Labour steel production halved, under Labour employment in steel halved.

"Since I've been prime minister, steel production has gone up and steel employment has stayed at the same level.

And as the noise of Labour MPs increased, he ended up shouting: "Before we get a self-righteous lecture from the party opposite look at your own record!"

The Prime Minister has not lost his temper or 'done a Flashman' - a reference to the Tom Brown Schooldays bully - in PMQs for many months.

Ed Miliband used to taunt Cameron about his 'Crimson Tide', when he became red-faced and angry during their weekly bouts in the Commons.

Ed Balls used to regularly try to wind up the Prime Minister with heckles and Cameron once snapped at Angela Eagle to 'calm down dear'.

Twitter was swift today to spot him losing it again today.

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