Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko Tweets US Foreign Policy Criticism Using 'Harold And Kumar' Image

NEW YORK -- Russia’s ambassador to Britain posted a tweet criticising US foreign policy on Thursday, confusing an ISIS terrorist with a character from the film 'Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.'

The post from Alexander Yakovenko included an image of actor Kal Penn wearing a beard and turban. The tweet read: “U.S. threatens to stop helping Iraq against ISIL [ISIS] if Baghdad asks Russia for help. The terrorists must be rejoicing.”

The missive was a reaction to Washington’s efforts to contain Russia’s footprint in the region, with Moscow recently launching air strikes against the enemies of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Penn responded to the ambassador, posting: “The Russian Federation ambassador to the UK tweeted this Harold & Kumar pic with seriousness. I can't stop laughing.”

Yakovenko defended his illustration, claiming: “It is rather hard to spot an actual terrorist laughing. Your performance is convincing and therefore fit to illustrate the idea.”

But it was Penn that landed the knockout blow, posting a picture of Ivan Drago from Sylvester Stallone's introspective Cold War drama 'Rocky IV.'

Here are three more of the ambassador's recent tweets to which we've attached suitable imagery: