Tim Farron's Sun Column Mistakenly Bylined 'Tim Fallon', Lib Dem Leader Claims It's His Pen Name

The Lib Dem Leader Is Apparently So Unknown The Sun Can't Spell His Name

The Sun gave the leader of the Lib Dems a whole page for a column, only to misspell his name in the byline.

Tim Farron, who is already struggling to find a way to rebuild his party after its electoral wipeout in May, suffered the indignity of having his name spelled 'Fallon' in block capitals in one of Britain's biggest selling papers.

Tim Fallon is not the leader of the Lib Dems

Farron joked it was his "pen name" when BBC journalist Chris Mason pointed it out.

Former Lib Dem advisor Sean Kemp joked it might be easiest for Farron to change his name.

The column condemned rules about school holidays that mean parents face fines for taking their children out in term-time.

It might persuade parents up and down the country to give the Lib Dems another try and #VoteFallon.

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