Jeremy Corbyn Slammed By Martin Amis, Called 'Uneducated, Humourless And Slow Minded'

Leading Novelist Mocks 'Slow Minded' Corbyn's A Level Results

Twitter has gone into meltdown after Jeremy Corbyn was mocked as "uneducated, humourless and slow minded," by leading British novelist Martin Amis.

Writing for The Sunday Times, Amis said the 66-year-old Corbyn lacked "the slightest grasp of the national character" and called the Labour leader "the fluky beneficiary of a drastic elevation".

He also mocked the fact Corbyn only achieved two E grades at A Level before studying at a polytechnic and said the party did not deserve "a single vote" under his leadership.

Martin Amis

Oxford-educated Amis, one of the leading British novelists of his generation and the son of novelist Kingsley Amis, is the author of acclaimed 'Money', 'The Rachel Papers' and 'London Fields' and has worked as a literary journalist.

But the critical reception of his more recent novels prompted some to suggest Corbyn had a ready-made comeback.

Others thought the fact Amis was in the headlines on the same day as Tony Blair meant they had gone back in time further than the one hour the clocks went back by on Sunday morning.

Some wondered why an opinion piece by a novelist warranted a separate news story that was on the front page of the paper.

Others thought it actually benefitted Corbyn.

And one person had an interesting take on why it benefitted Amis.

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