So Glasgow Caledonian University Has A Campus In New York. But There Are No Students


A Scottish university has spend more than £5m building a campus in New York, but has failed to recruit any students - two years after it launched.

Glasgow Caledonian University became the first institution in the UK to open a campus in the American city, however is still waiting for its application for a licence to teach and award degrees to be approved, the BBC has found.

Although university officials say the £5.6m investment, the project was criticised by Labour's public services spokeswoman as "a very expensive white elephant".

"What we have here is a university's ambition going far ahead of what they can deliver in reality," Jackie Baillie said.

Deputy vice-chancellor Professor James Miller defended the university's expansion, saying he had "no doubt" the institution would generate the money.

"It's a good investment as far as we're concerned. The business case was robust. We assessed the risks at the time and decided that it was a risk that was worth taking."

On the university's website, it states: "Following the granting of a charter by the New York State Education Department, GCU New York will offer a range of postgraduate programs including courses from the ground-breaking GCU British School of Fashion, which was launched in London in 2013.

"Glasgow Caledonian University is currently only offering Executive Education courses, offered to employers on behalf of their employees, pending the review and approval of its charter to offer credit-bearing and degree-related courses in New York."

The Scottish Government confirmed it had not had any involvement in the project, or supplied the university with any investment.

Glasgow's overseas project is just one example of universities expanding to recruit more students. Last year, Aberystwyth University launched a joint campus in Mauritius, with current students encouraged to transfer.