Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Good News To All Facebook Users Who Hate Candy Crush

Candy Crush can be a soul-destroying topic on Facebook, particularly because the people who play the game never seem to understand that there are others who can't stomach those irritating invitations.

Much to our chagrin, Facebook was relatively slow to realise this note of contention among its users until Mark Zuckerberg's most recent Townhall Q&A in India.

One of the questions tackled during the session was "how can I stop getting Candy Crush invites?" Yes, the sigh of relief breathed around the world was probably audible.

Zuckerberg, who said the query was a top voted question in his thread, appeared to get on the case pretty quickly asking his team to find a solution pronto.

"This is where these Town Hall Q&As are really useful because I actually saw this question, that it was the top voted question on my thread," he said.

According to Mashable, he told his audience: "I saw this top-voted question on my thread and sent a message to the person in charge of the developer platform to get rid of this issue.

"There are some tools that are outdated which let people send people invites. We hadn't prioritised shutting it down, but we are doing it now.”

While there is no estimated time delivery on when these "tools" will be fixed, it is the closest thing we have to kissing this horrid feature goodbye.

And on this hope, we soldier on.