Sam Huang Booked £40,000 Of Emirates First Class Flights Around The World For £196

This man has proved that you don't need to spend thousands of pounds to travel the world, and more to the point, to do it in style.

Sam Huang used an airline loophole to fund the shockingly cheap trip, which saw him travel in first class as he hopped between continents.

Huang figured out how to use a company's air miles scheme to get across the world for next to nothing, and now spends his time teaching other people how to do the same thing.

Sam Huang used an airmiles loophole to discount his trip

Using his website, Huang writes guides which vary in difficulty so just about anyone can understand:

"Just as how you earn loyalty points whenever you buy groceries from your supermarket, you also earn points every time you fly with a specific airline.

"These points are called miles. And just as you can use your points for free items in your supermarket, you can also use your miles to get free flights with an airline."

Huang during his round-the-world trip

He advises that the easiest way to collect miles is to use travel reward credit cards, which provide you with points every time you make a purchase, which can be converted to air miles.

The best way to do this, according to Huang is to sign up to the cards with the biggest travel bonus incentives, he wrote: "These mile bonuses are often enough for a free round trip ticket to many destinations."

To plan his round-the-world experience Huang signed up for credit cards from Bank of America, which has an agreement with Alaska Airlines, a Milage Plan partner with Emirates.

Huang warned others of this plan, advising that to attempt it you need to be in a healthy financial position.

"If you can't pay off your bills fully every month, please don't do this game," he told Mashable.

Despite this, Huang's nifty trick earned him a trip from Singapore to New York... which is not bad for the equivalent of £196.

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