29/10/2015 09:51 GMT | Updated 30/10/2015 08:59 GMT

Halloween Pranks 2015: 11 Elaborate YouTubes From Tricksters Who Really Went The Extra Mile


For anyone thinking of playing a trick on friends or family this Halloween, these ridiculously elaborate pranks set the bar pretty high.

From pretending to blow up their own child, to dressing a dog up as a huge hairy spider, these 11 jokers will go to pretty much any length for their art.


These pranks aren't all for Halloween - though Simon Cowell pretending to fire Amanda Holden was pretty scary for her - but they all show a serious amount of ingenuity and planning.

From the guy who created a grim reaper flying drone, to Jeremy Beadle scaring the hell out of a man doing temp work in a coffin shop, we salute them all.