'Sex Box' Returning To Channel 4 For 3-Part Series, With Couples Going In The Box To Have Sex On TV

Would YOU Volunteer To Enter Channel 4's Sex Box?

More couples will be going into Channel 4's 'Sex Box' to have on-air romps, following confirmation that the station has commissioned a series of the show, which first aired two years ago.

Clinical sexologist Goedele Liekens will present three episodes of the show, which aims to shed light on the sex lives of Britons, and encourage couples to talk more openly about sex and hopefully lead more fulfilling lives between the sheets.

Utilising the studio ‘sex box’, each episode will see three real couples, keen to spice up their sex life, enter the private box to have sex. They will then emerge to discuss what happened with Goedele in front of a studio audience, who will also talk candidly about their experiences.

Mariella Frostrup guided couples into the box for the one-off show in 2013

Each show promises to tell the story of couples wanting to try something new sexually for the first time, and see Goedele talk them through the process.

Goedele Liekens said “It’s great news that a new Sex Box is coming to Channel 4. I’m looking forward to meeting more couples and getting an insight into their relationships through honest and open conversations about what goes on between the sheets. I can’t wait to spice up Britain’s love lives.”

The reception for the one-off episode aired two years was decidedly mixed. The Telegraph's reviewer wrote that "Sex Box was one of the worst TV programmes I have seen in a long time. From concept to execution, it was a combination of gimmick, prurience, exploitation and dullness." Metro remarked that the show "left viewers in a state of awkwardness and confusion tonight, with many pondering over a series of unanswered sex questions following its debut". The Mirror decided the Sex Box looked like "an Ikea-bought version of Doctor Who's TARDIS". They also criticized the show for spending more time on its heterosexual couples than on the disabled and homosexual pairings, something Gawker also noticed.

On the other hand, Time Out praised "A surprisingly earnest, likeable and good-hearted affair”.

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