Hampshire Pub CCTV Reveals Ghostly Sighting Hovering Above Stairs

Creepy footage has emerged of a ghostly figure walking across a stairway on the inside of a haunted pub.

The apparition appears to be wearing a hood and can be seen for a fraction of a second hovering at the top of the stairs.

Although the video footage has just been released, the timestamp reveals it was captured in the run up to Halloween.

A ghostly apparition has been spotted on CCTV

Pub manager Kate Staniszewska discussed the sighting with a local newspaper: "There are many stories about who it is. I believe this one is a woman figure that appears quite often.

"I live in the building and so I can feel it when I pass the ghost. I've lived here six months and it's happened a few times but this is the only place we have seen it," she said.

The film was captured inside the White Lion in Yately, Hampshire, which has a reputation for its haunted corridors and spooky happenings.

Its first owner, James Rogers, was said to have had a specific love for his tankard, still kept in the bar to this day. When the tankard was last moved the alarm system allegedly malfunctioned in the early hours of the morning.

Andy Froker, who recorded the CCTV footage from its screen with his phone, told local news: "It's not the first time that is has happened.

"I've always been a bit on the fence to be honest and not sure if I do believe in ghosts, but I don't know what it was."

Earlier this month a ghostly sighting was caught on CCTV in a Co-Operative shop. Staff members refused to stay late to work on Halloween, which resulted in the store closing early.

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