05/11/2015 04:50 GMT | Updated 05/11/2015 04:59 GMT

Jeremy Hunt Accused Of 'Spin' By Senior Tory Over Junior Doctor Contracts

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt addresses the Conservative Party conference at Manchester Central.

Jeremy Hunt has been accused by the Conservative chair of the Commons health committee of trying to falsely claim he is offering junior doctors an 11% pay rise.

The government and the British Medical Association (BMA) are engaged in a stand-off over changes to contracts which critics say is a pay cut.

In order to try and avoid a strike, the health secretary yesterday offered junior doctors what he said was an 11% pay rise. However Sarah Wollaston said today this was misdirection.

However Wollaston, a former GP, does not support industrial action. "A strike would be harmful for patients, damaging for doctors & damaging politically. No winners here just a bitter & avoidable mess," she added.

Yesterday Hunt told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he hoped the (BMA) would "honor and respect" the result of the general election that saw a Conservative majority.

Wollaston recently revealed her own daughter, a doctor, had decided to move abroad due to working conditions in the UK. Not just her, but her husband and eight of their closest friends - all gone. And they arrived in a hospital Australia where they've yet to meet a junior doctor trained in Australia within the casualty department," she said.