John Lewis Christmas Adverts Through The Ages Are Beautiful

John Lewis is set to release its highly-anticipated annual Christmas advert on Friday, and with it tug the heartstrings of families across the country.

The airing of the clip has become as much a yuletide tradition as carol singing and Christmas stockings.

The department store has a long history of broadcasting tear-jerking teasers in the run up to the festive period, having produced countless favourites.

'The Bear and the Hare', 'The Long Wait', 'Snowpeople In Love' - and not forgetting last year's Christmas classic 'Monty the Penguin' - are all masterful examples of what we can expect on Friday.

To remind you of some of the best, we've put together a 2 and-a-half minute compilation of all those and more, released since 2007.

Grab a tissue.