More Women Own A Video Games Console Than Men In The US

The Myth That Games Are For Boys Is Nonsense, And This Amazing Stat Proves It

The long-running rhetoric that video games are only for boys has become more than a little tiresome, and hopefully, it looks like this statistic might be the final nail in its coffin.

In the United States, more women own video games consoles than men, because guess what, video games aren't just for boys. The numbers? 42 per cent to 37 per cent and that difference shouldn't be news, in fact according to the findings by the Pew Research Center, this has actually been a fairly consistent trend as far back as 2010.

To break the figures down, 56 per cent of 18-29 year olds do own either a PlayStation or Xbox, next up a close 55 per cent of 29-39 year olds then also own a console.

What's even more impressive is that even after turning 40, over a third of these people still own one and then continue to play video games.

The findings by the Pew Research Center cover all 50 states and highlight a much wider shift by the video games industry into accepting that the majority of video gamers are now adult men and women.

Pew's findings aren't alone, this is certainly not the first time that it has been revealed that women are the larger gaming demographic with this report showing that adult women are the single largest group of humans that play video games.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the new game from Killzone developers Guerrilla Games.

This was most notable through some of the major video game announcements this year where eight of the biggest titles coming out either this year or next year featured women as the lead characters.

With large research organisations now starting to shout these findings form the rooftops one can only hope that the industry's period of change is accelerated.

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