Tory MP Richard Graham Accused Of Quoting Nazi Joseph Goebbels While Defending Snooper's Charter

A Tory MP has been accused of quoting an infamous Nazi propaganda minister while defending the new Snooper's Charter in the Commons.

Richard Graham, Conservative MP for Gloucester, was speaking in favour of the draft Investigatory Powers Bill in the House of Commons when he said "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear".

Unfortunately, many people were quick to point out that this quote is widely attributed to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's virulently anti-Semitic mouthpiece for the Nazi regime.

Graham was quick to claim it was nothing of the sort.

But many people were unforgiving.

It's not the first time Goebbels has popped up in political discourse this year.

Back in March then-Australian PM Tony Abbott was widely ridiculed for the comment in the video below...

It's also a bit of a stock phrase for the surveillance lobby, William Hague used it back in 2013.

Details of people's online activity will have to be stored for a year under the government's proposed new spying laws.

Firms will be required to store web users' activity, including being on social media, for at least 12 months under the new draft Investigatory Powers Bill.

In a bid to tackle people's privacy concerns, the government is promising strict safeguards, which include banning councils from accessing people's internet connection records (ICRs).

Phone hacking, otherwise known as 'Equipment Interference' is described by the bill as encompassing "a wide range of activity from remote access to computers to downloading covertly the contents of a mobile phone during a search."

To be able to do this, the new draft will legally oblige Internet Service Providers in the UK to assist in bypassing any security measures that would otherwise prevent the security services from gaining access to your phone.