Britain First Supporters Complain About Migrants Who Can't Speak English In Rather Ironic Manner

17 Britain First Supporters Using Terrible English To Complain About Migrants' English

Britain First supporters are once again upping the irony stakes, this time by using badly-spelt and poorly-punctuated Facebook posts to complain about people claiming benefits who can't speak English properly.

In a dubiously-photoshopped and inevitably CAPS-LOCKED presentation, the far-right pseudo-political group posed one of the pressing questions of our time.

The post attracted over 100 responses, of which an embarrassing number left a lot to be desired in terms of spelling and punctuation.

Think you're missing a couple of words

Bad English

Oh dear.

What all these people appear not to know is that people claiming asylum in the UK are not allowed to work. Also, they have to live on as little as £36.95 a week - hardly a fortune.

It's not the first time we've seen such astounding nonsense from the far-right.

For a bit of context about why those "coming to our country" may not have the most polished English skills, here's some background.

The chart above shows the the origin countries of the 19,196 people who claimed asylum in the UK from January to July of 2015.

Eritrea - 2,034 (10.5%)

Where U

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In fact the 'Christian' group already have such a bad reputation that Church of England clergy recently wrote an open letter slamming their attitude to Muslims.

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