John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015: There Will Be A Full Moon On Christmas Day

John Lewis has done it again. However, let's take a break from bawling to asses the science in the ad.

Ok so it's not yet possible to live on the moon wearing normal clothes and wave to little children on earth, who are a dab hand at using a telescope.

That whole balloon gift delivery system is also rather flawed, primarily because the moon's gravity is less than Earth's - 83.3 percent less, to be precise.

However, John Lewis did get one thing right: the fact that we will have a full moon on Christmas Day.

That's right, on December 25 the sun, moon and earth will be beautifully aligned to reveal that lunar disc in all its glory.

The moon as well all know, goes through different phases and what we see on the earth is a representation of how light from the sun plays on the moon as it orbits earth.

At a full moon, the entire part of the moon lit up the sun is in full view, while the shadowed regions are hidden.

Now that we have got that all cleared up, we can go back to the tissues again.