Million Mask March Protesters' Attacks On Police Horses Have Made People On Twitter Very Upset

Million Mask March Protesters Have Angered All Of Britain's Animal Lovers

The "despicable" attacks on police horses have caused people to turn on those protesting in the Million Mask March, if reaction on Twitter is anything to go by.

Six of the Metropolitan Police's horses were injured the demonstration in London on Thursday night, in which 50 people were arrested and three police officers were injured.

But the attacks on the animals were what really upset people.

People responded saying those who had injured the horses were "not fit to members of the human race" and people implored police to catch the "idiots" responsible.

The horses were injured in The Mall, Great George Street, Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square.

Embassy - one of the force's oldest horses - was startled and bolted after being targeted with a firework. The officer riding was thrown from his horse and taken to hospital with a broken wrist.

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Million Mask March London

Quartz suffered a hind leg injury, believed to be caused by glass, Qwerty sustained an injury to his hind quarters, Heather suffered a cut to her fetlock on her hind leg, Illustrious suffered an injury to his eye, believed to be caused by a stick and Quixote sustained injuries to his front legs.

The force released photos of the horses recuperating in the stables.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said the violence during the protest was "despicable". He was speaking in the stables at Great Scotland Yard, while petting the horse that was injured.

He said: "The horses were big enough to see, they knew what they were doing. They knew it was a possibility these fireworks would frighten the animals, so I think it's pretty despicable behaviour.

"They have no right to hurt other people, they have no right to hurt animals, and they have no right to frighten the members of public that are wandering around.

"Protest by all means but don't hurt other people in the process."

Million Mask March Injured horses

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