'University Challenge' Buzzer Frightens This Load Of Contestants, Providing Another Hilarious Moment (VIDEO)

We all know that things can get a bit fraught during a TV show as intense as ‚ÄėUniversity Challenge‚Äô, but this new clip proves that the contestants really need to chill out.


A recent episode of the BBC quiz show - in which Warwick University took on Oxford’s Nuffield College - saw practically all of the contestants jumping out of their skin when somebody pushed the buzzer.

Seriously, either they‚Äôre going to have to make that buzzer a bit quieter, or they‚Äôre going to have stop being so generous with the caffeine in the ‚ÄėUniversity Challenge‚Äô green room.

This isn‚Äôt even a first-time offence for the ‚ÄėUniversity Challenge‚Äô buzzer, with another poor soul nearly leaping out of their seat as it sounded just a month ago.

Our nerves are practically shot to bits.

'University Challenge'

Bizarrely, ‚ÄėUniversity Challenge‚Äô is cropping up in the news at an alarmingly increasing rate at the moment, thanks to the antics of its contestants.

Back in October, one student caused a stir on Twitter, when she revealed to host Jeremy Paxman that she was studying for a Masters in *ahem* ‚Äúsphincter preservation‚ÄĚ.

A month earlier, another participant raised eyebrows with his unusually casual attire on the show, with his pleather vest and gold chain combo going viral on social media.

Rumours about whether he‚Äôd started off wearing a shirt, but was frightened out of it by the ‚ÄėUniversity Challenge‚Äô buzzer, remain unconfirmed...