19 Things That Inevitably Happen On Christmas Day When You Have Kids

Christmas day is full of fun, exhaustion, presents and no doubt a lot of mess.

Kids will count down to the 25 December from as early as they can, and as soon as Father Christmas has been - well, it'll be hard to calm them down.

This melting pot of excitement means there are certain situations that are bound to occur (nearly) every year. How many of the Christmas day with children truths in the list below have you experienced so far this year?

1. The kids are actually up about five times in the night before the day has even started.

Go. Back. To. Sleep.

2. And then you're greeted with possibly the earliest wake-up call of the year.

But you can't be mad because it's Christmas.

3. Followed by the words "Santa's been!".

Cue acting shocked and surprised that the bearded man left all those presents. What a kind man.

4. Your child will open the gift they begged for, say 'thanks', move on.

Well that was an anti-climax.

5. Or they are completely uninterested in the other presents you've bought.

... and can't even pretend to like them.

6. The younger ones end up loving the paper and boxes more than the thing you've actually spent money on.


7. You try your very hardest to make them open presents s-l-o-w-l-y to drag it out.

Yet, they're basically all opened by 6am.

8. There's a toy that needs batteries. You realise you don't have any batteries.

"Are there any shops open today?"

9. Eating chocolate for breakfast is now a thing.

Basically, all healthy eating plans have gone out of the window.

10. Your kids don't want to dress themselves up in their gorgeous Christmas Day outfits you bought especially.

Cue short screaming row. You give up. That was a waste of money.

11. There is just stuff. EVERYWHERE.

Wrapping paper, opened crackers, boxes, toys, more wrapping paper.

12. Kids get overwhelmed by all the people and toys.

They end up crying. You lure them back in with chocolate and more presents.

13. But when they're really playing up, the "Santa won't bring you any presents" can't be used.


14. Christmas dinner is an affair...

Food down their clothes, they "hate brussel sprouts" and they just want pudding.

15. There will be some sort of argument over crackers...

They didn't get a toy, they hate their toy, the bang was too loud.

16. You settle everyone down to play board games in the afternoon.

Which inevitably ends up in a family argument.

17. You opt for the easiest solution and plonk them in front of yet another Christmas film.

I mean, you can't do this for much longer...

18. They pass out among presents earlier than you'd hoped.

Aahh. Bliss.

19. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It's over for another year.

Where's the wine?


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