Endangered Borneo Orangutan Safely Transported To Conservation Area After Suffering Gruesome Attack From Humans

This Endangered Borneo Orangutan And Its Baby Were Rescued From A Gruesome Attack

An endangered Borneo orangutan and its baby, who were subjected to violent attacks from local villagers in Indonesia's West Kalimantan province, have now been placed in a safe conservation area.

The pair were forced out of their natural forest habitats and in to a local village after a fire broke out.

Residents, who saw the fleeing animals as pests, began hurling rocks at the malnourished orangutans in the hopes of chasing the animals away from human living space.

An International Animal Rescue team later arrived on the scene in time to save the endangered species and transport them to a conservation area.

"It was very fortunate our rescue team got there in time, otherwise the orangutans would have been killed," Karmele Llano Sanchez, the group's program director told AFP.

"The mother was quite skinny because she had not been eating for at least a month since the fires started."

According to International Animal Rescue, the deliberate burning down of forests for palm oil production is a "serious threat" to the endangered species.

What the team typically do is take the animals back to a rehabilitation centre and prepare them for release in to the wild.

On this occasion, the adult orangutan only had minor skin wounds and she had a roped tied around her wrist when the team found her.

Both adult and baby have now been released in to the wild as their progress continues to be monitored by the rescue team.

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