International Men's Day Commons Debate Secured By Tory MP Philip Davies


MPs will debate male suicide and International Men's Day next Thursday, following a campaign by Conservative MP Philip Davies.

The MP for Shipley had been engaged in a row with Labour MP Jess Phillips over whether the debate was worthwhile. Phillips, who sits on the committee that decides which debates will be held, had said she did not think it was needed.

Following her objections, she was was subjected to online abuse, including rape threats. Davies and Phillips also went head-to-head on the BBC on the issue.

Phillips told Davies he was making a "mealy mouthed" bid for a debate out of a false sense that men were being unfairly treated. While Davies appeared to criticise Philips for having been selected as a Labour candidate via an all women's shortlist.

Writing for The Huffington Post at the time, Phillips said she had been "grossly misrepresented" and she cared deeply about mens issues.

She also revealed she had family experience of mental health. "I remember asking my Grandad, who lived with me all my life until his death, what the marks on his wrists were when I was about 10. He told me he was sad, but it would be ok," she wrote.

"You see, bipolar is hereditary. So when people send me emails saying they hope I come home to find my sons hanging, they are not saying anything I haven't already considered."