Women's Discount Card Evens Out Gender Pay Gap Once And For All

Ladies, are you tired of earning less than your male counterparts? Of course you are.

Thankfully there's now a women's discount card. It's like a student card for women and is designed to even out the gender pay gap once and for all.

According to figures released by The Fawcett Society on Monday, women are now earning 14.2% less than their male counterparts, that's the equivalent of 52 days of work.

That's why advertising executives Sali Horsey and Zoe Nash came up with the genius idea that gives women discount to everything from cinema tickets to public transport.

You know, so we can pay our way along with male colleagues and friends.

"If students get a discount for having less money, then women should get a discount for earning less!" Horsey told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

And we're inclined to agree.

Sadly, despite being the best invention since sliced bread, the Women's Discount Card does not exist... yet.

"The idea is to emphasise that, of course, we don't get a discount for earning less, so we should all be aiming for equal pay," Horsey explains.

Here are some over-the-top testimonials from the site, which we love.


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