How To Create Your Own 'She-Shed' In A Day

Finally, the dawn of the She Shed is here, and, with it, a revolution in how pressed professional women work, rest and play.

Whether it's your latest DIY project or simply a space to unwind, this is officially the latest savvy interiors trend that you need to try.

Sales of sheds purchased for with this intent are up 50 per cent from 2014 at Homebase. Add in the fact that the number of self employed women in the UK is rising at three times the rate of men, plus research that shows how one in five women report feeling worried or anxious most of the time, and it’s clear that a quiet environment to work or switch off is only getting more important.

"It's long been the case that most sheds are male preserves," says interior designer turned writer and author of A Woman’s Shed Gill Heriz. “But going to the shed is both a physical removal of ourselves to 'another place', and a retreat to a space where our emotional needs are met and we can be ourselves."

And you’ll be in very good company. Novelist Virginia Woolf wrote from a done-up shed outside of her Sussex home, artist Barbara Hepworth used hers for power naps and self-described ‘shed groupie’ property developer Sarah Beeny says they’re "a brilliant, inexpensive way of adding some space to your home."

Not to mention that it’s easy. Just a day’s worth of cheap, stylish tweaks can transform the existing mess housing the lawnmover and faded newspapers into your own patch of calm.

"You really don’t need to go big to make a huge difference,” says Alice Dunbar, Interiors Consultant at Harvey Maria. “A few inexpensive tricks are all it takes."

1. Express your personality

Creating your own she-shed in a day