Muslim Woman Donates $1 To Unicef For Every Hate Tweet She Receives

If there's one thing online trolls hate doing, it's being nice to anyone.

Well now Dr Susan Carland is making sure that every time an online troll attacks her, she'll force them into doing something nice, whether they like it or not.

Dr Carland is an academic and Muslim woman who has promised that for every hate tweet she receives, she'll be donating $1 to UNICEF.

Carland receives countless messages every day targeting her because of her religious beliefs telling her to leave the country, repent her religion and worse.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald Carland said: "I regularly get tweets and Facebook messages from the brave freedom-fighters behind determinedly anonymous accounts telling me that, as a Muslim woman, I love oppression, murder, war, and sexism."

Dr Susan Carland is married to Australian talk show host Waleed Aly.

Carland goes on to explain that as she trawled through some of the accounts belonging to the trolls that had attacked her she was reminded of one particular line in the Koran which stated:

"Good and evil are not equal. Repel evil with what is better."

It was this line, she says, which helped her come up with the idea of transforming the hate filled messages she received into something that could do genuine good to others.

She goes on to write: "I've been doing this for some months (so the sudden news interest is somewhat baffling) simply as a way of authentically living my beliefs."

"Now when a ghastly tweet comes my way, I barely bat an eyelid. It represents nothing more than a chalk-mark on my mental tally for the next instalment to UNICEF."

Unsurprisingly Carland's incredible tactic has not gone unnoticed with many people turning to Twitter to share the news and promote this superbly unique way to tackle online trolls.

Amazingly, this isn't the first time that people have found new and inventive ways of tackling online trolls. Game journalist Alanah Pearce took the internet by storm after she started calling the mothers of the online trolls that had been abusing her on Twitter.

Then of course there was 13-year old scientist Trisha Prabhu who came up with what might be the ultimate weapon against internet trolls.

Called 'Rethink' it's a piece of software that aims to defeat online abuse at source. It forces young people to read back what they're about to tweet and really take a moment to decide if they want to send it.

The impulsiveness of social media so often means that people can send messages based purely on emotional impulse which can then lead to hurting both the victim and, later down the line, the sender as well.

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