'Ped Thief' Metropolitan Police Poster Baffles People Online With Bizarre Use Of 1990s Street Slang

A Metropolitan Police poster aiming to dissuade young people from stealing mopeds in south west London is being widely shared online, because of it's cringeworthy use of street slang.

The bizarre attempt at relating to those aged 16-18 in Wandsworth has prompted ridicule online, with people left dumbfounded by the force's apparent lack of self awareness.

Under the heading 'diary of a ped thief', the poster explains extraordinarily disastrous consequences brought about by the careless theft of a bike.

Click here for a zoomable version of the poster

It describes the seven month period in the life of a character named 'Man-Like Ped Thief' and follows the day he steals a moped and crashes it, killing his girlfriend Vanessa.

In a Facebook-style box, the poster lists Man-Like's address simply as 'Endz' and his bio as "future millionaire".

"Picked up J.J., smoked a joint, looking for a ped, found one took it, J.J. chickened out and went yard," the poster reads.

After Man-Like picks up his girlfriend Vanessa, the pair are involved in a high-speed crash. The poster than describes his awakening from a coma five months later to find Vanessa had died and he had been left paralysed.

Man-Like subsequently learns his family has been evicted from their council house as a result of his criminal record.

People online have quickly torn apart the campaign.

The campaign the poster is a part of aims to dissuade youngsters from becoming 'ped thiefs', after an apparent problem with incidences of crime involving the two-wheeled motors in the London borough.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the poster was genuine when contacted by HuffPost UK, but declined to reveal the exact aims of the campaign or its effectiveness.