15 Times 'Peep Show' Summed Up The Excruciating Horrors Of Growing Up

Channel 4

HURRAH! 'Peep Show' is back.

In celebration of the return of one the the greatest British comedies ever, here's a reminder of just how terrible it is to be a grown up...

1) Your youthful optimism gradually fades.

2) Things you barely understand become important.

3) Your career path often veers wildly from what you imagined.

4) And you've yet to meet that prince/princess.

5) You'll do anything to make it happen.

6) And when you do...

7) House parties are just not the same.

8) You question EVERYTHING.

9) You realise you can't trust anyone.

10) Even music is deadly serious these days.

11) And Christmas.

12) Despite all this, you just hope no one will notice that you're absolutely winging it.

13) And in the end you'll do anything to get ahead.

14) But no one will believe you.

15) Chin up!