Young People In America Are Using #BlackOnCampus To Expose Racism In Colleges

Young people across America are using the #BlackOnCampus hashtag to expose racism in their schools and universities, after a string of racist incidents at the University of Missouri.

Mizzou, as the university is also known as, has been plunged into chaos after the resignation of its president over how he handled racially charged incidents on campus.

However in the days after Tom Wolfe stepped down, celebration has turned to fear, while the university's police department has increased patrols on campus, and staff have informed students they can stay home.

Police are also investigating a series of threats to attack the campus, which were issued on social media platform Yik Yak on Tuesday.

Now, amid hunger strikes and football team boycotts, students across America are uniting behind the hashtag #BlackOnCampus.

Even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has weighed in on the hashtag: