Alien And UFO Hunters Increasingly Intrigued As 'Third Space Ball' Lands In Spain

Another black space object has reportedly landed in rural Spain, according to local news outlet Olive Press.

The mysterious orb that was reportedly seen in Murcia is causing increasing concern among local residents, who have already spotted two similar devices in the surrounding region.

A week ago two farmers alerted the Civil Guard after finding a black sphere in Calasparra, Murcia.

The first black orb to fall from space

On Monday, reports of second sighting emerged as residents in the hamlet Villavieja, saw another ball 200 miles away from where the first orb was spotted.

At the time, the Mayor of Calasparra Jose Velez said: "Where are these objects coming from?"

"Why are they falling here precisely?

He added: "Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve and explanation,"

Both cylindrical objects are most likely to be classified as space junk. A community manager, investigating the first site told El Pais: "The area has all the earmarks of being a container pressure for gases (COPV), possibly a space station.

"These objects are made ​​of a material as strong survive almost intact reentry into the earth and even catastrophic explosions."