ISIS Magazine Daqib Publishes Picture Of 'Drinks Can' IED That Purportedly Downed Russian Jet Over Sinai

Media affiliated with the Islamic State group has published a picture of the IED (bomb) that they claim brought down the Russian MetroJet plane over the Sinai Peninsula last month. The crash killed all 224 people on board.

The device, disguised in a Schweppes Gold pineapple juice can, appeared in this month’s edition of Dabiq, which celebrated not only the downing of the Russian jet but the atrocities in Paris on Friday that left 130 dead and hundreds injured. The edition is entitled: ‘Just Terror.’

Within the magazine, a report claims militants "discovered a way to compromise the security at Sharm el-Sheikh airport" allowing them to destroy the airliner on 31 October. On Tuesday, Russian intelligence services confirmed that a bomb brought down the aircraft. Egypt says it is still investigating the cause of the crash.

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