‘X Factor': Lauren Murray Says Living In Contestant's House Was Like ‘Prison' And Reveals She's Had Therapy Since Joining The Show To Help Her Cope

X Factor’ contestant Lauren Murray has described her time living with the other finalists in their shared house as being like ‘Big Brother meets Glee meets prison’.


The 26-year-old has since moved out of the luxury North London pad because the show’s cameras got too much for her.

Lauren Murray

Lauren, who was prescribed antidepressants following her father’s death, also revealed she has seen a therapist since taking part in the latest series of the ITV show.

The singing hopeful also spoke out about the controversial Six Chair Challenge stage of the show, branding it ‘horrific’.

Earlier this month it was reported that Lauren had packed her bags and left the ‘X Factor’ house, after her close friend, Kiera Weathers was voted off the show.

Lauren has also vented her frustration about Kiera’s departure on social media, claiming the contestants’ house “felt empty” without her and Seann, also writing on Instagram that she was her “best friend for the rest of my life”, adding: “I swear she has the kindest heart ever!”

'X Factor' Final 12

'X Factor' Final 12