TV Presenter Confuses Star Wars Symbol With Al Qaeda Logo

A TV presenter has been left red-faced after mixing up two logos during a report on terrorism and France's missile strikes on Raqqa.

Jota Abril from the Spanish state broadcaster TVE confused the symbol for the Star Wars Rebel Alliance with Al-Qaeda during a morning broadcast.

Standing in front of the two graphic designs, he pointed and explained: "[Raqqa] was one of the first cities taken in 2013 by terrorist groups, but terrorist groups from al-Qaeda."

Little did he know that one of the logos belonged to the Rebel Alliance, the interstellar faction that fights Darth Vader in the sci-fi fictional universe, Star Wars.

After his mistake, one eagle-eyed Twitter user was quick to name and shame, much to the amusement of many...

The presenter later took to the social network to admit he'd made the mistake and apologised: "Selecting the icons, the wrong one got in there. Thousand apologies," he wrote.

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