White Christmas Odds Slashed As UK Weather Forecasters Predict 8 Inches Of Snow

With parts of the UK forecasted to receive up to eight inches of snow this weekend, the possibility of a white Christmas is creeping ever closer.

Following on the coattails of storm Barney, snow is expected to fall over the north of the country.

Leon Brown, chief forecaster at the Weather Channel warned: “By Friday, central to eastern Scotland is at risk of some moderate to heavy snowfalls. We could see 20cm [7.87in] of snow over the Grampian area and snow even down to sea level in the east.

But will there be enough to make these?

"The snow will turn showery through the day with sleet, hail and snow showers running down the east coast of England and to Wales Friday evening and night."

The Met Office has also forecasted snow and rain for Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile the bookies have taken note and the odds of Britain experiencing a white Christmas have been slashed to the lowest yet this year.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes told The Mirror: “As Barney continues to huff and puff the odds of a white Christmas keep falling by the minute.”

At time of publication the odds of snow on Christmas day were:


  • London 4/1
  • Aberdeen 7/4
  • Belfast 7/2
  • Birmingham 4/1
  • Cardiff 5/1

William Hill

  • London 5/1
  • Aberdeen 2/1
  • Belfast 9/2
  • Birmingham 11/2
  • Cardiff 7/1


  • London 4/1
  • Aberdeen 9/4
  • Belfast 9/2
  • Birmingham 5/1
  • Cardiff 6/1

The last white Christmas was in 2010, and there was also snow covering the ground in the previous year.