Need-To-Know Info For New Parents And Parents-To-Be: The Reason Babygros Have Shoulder Flaps

Have you ever wondered why babygros have shoulder flaps?

The overlapping material that points down from their collarbones to the top of babies' arms actually serves a purpose, and it's a pretty useful one too.

Sadly, however adept you are at changing nappies, sometimes poo ends up everywhere.

So, instead of having to unpop the babygro and pull it over your baby's head, the shoulder flaps allow you to roll the vest down and take it off by their feet - resulting in no risk of mess on their face or in their hair.

Some of you might already know this gem of information but if it's new to you, it could be the best thing you've heard all day.

The reason for the flaps came to light a year ago, when a mum posted a video of her trying it out on her own child, having never known the handy hack during her ten years of being a mother.

Recently, the video has been doing the rounds again, having racked up more than six million views.

YouTube user Tiaras & Prozac successfully using the hack on her daughter

When the mother uploaded a blog post about her realisation, it seemed she wasn't the only one who was unaware of the babygro hack. In fact, only one commenter was.

"I've been a mum for 35 years and I NEVER knew this," wrote one mum.

A similar comment from another read: "My oldest is 31. The rest are 26, 20, 18 and 16 and... I never knew this! Official apology to Allen, Chelsey, Charlie, Faith and John..."

Others said they had asked their own mums and grandparents and found none of them were aware of this useful info.

Although there was one dad who was smug at the fact he was the only one who knew it.

"I used to put them on and take them off this way. Well easier. I only used to use the buttons for changing," he wrote. "Looks like I was doing it right all along."

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