How Space Travel Works Explained With The World's Simplest Video

There's a legend that the spacecraft needed to take Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 to the moon required less computing power than your average calculator.

It's true, but the concept of space travel itself is slightly more complex. In fact, it can get so mind-numbingly complex that just a few minutes of having it explained can result in one of those vacant stares that comes just before a person's brain melts.

Don't panic though, you can save yourself the awkward social embarrassment of a gently melting brain by watching this video of how space travel works.

Created by the geniuses at Minute Physics, this video uses hand-drawn diagrams, a skateboard and just 1000 of the English language's most common words to explain how we put a dog, a man and now an entire space station into space.

Turns out it's actually quite a bit more complex than simply giving gravity the boot so scroll up, watch away and enjoy guest appearances from such well-known characters as 'Top Up-Goer Person' and 'Space People Decider'.

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