As Sofia Vergara Weds Joe Manganiello, We Celebrate The Wit And Wisdom Of Modern Family's Gloria Pritchett In 26 Glorious GIFs

Sofia Vergara saw her romantic dreams come true on Sunday evening, when she tied the knot with actor Joe Manganiello in a stunning ceremony on Florida, surrounded by family and friends.

Sofia and Joe, just after saying 'I do'

Her romantic nuptials cap a top year for Sofia, during which she was crowned TV's highest-earning actress with her role of Gloria in 'Modern Family'. In the US hit show, she plays a beautiful, fun-loving wife and mother of two. But if there’s one thing we adore about 'Modern Family’s Gloria Pritchett, it's her wonderful outspokenness. Oh, and her hilarious mangling of the English language.

From words of Colombian wisdom to mispronunciations and malapropisms, Sofia Vergara’s character comes out with some absolute classics. Here are just some of her most memorable lines…

Ah, Gloria. Don't go changin'!

(All GIFs: Giphy.com)

Why We Love Sofia Vergara

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