How To Take The Perfect Selfie, According To Science

How To Take The Perfect Selfie, According To Science

Not all selfies are created equal, but knowing why some seem to get thousands of likes has always been a mystery...

Until now.

Introducing, the world's first selfie bot - allowing you to tell how many likes you're going to get, based on actual science.

Stanford University PhD student Andrej Karpathy analysed 2 million photos to find out what made a selfie good or bad in the eyes of the double-tapping public (ie. how many likes they got) and used it to create his new Twitterbot.

Simply upload your photo to twitter, tag it @deepselfie, and the bot will reply within a minute with a percentage letting you know how you've ranked.

Score 60% and you're better than average and at 95% you'd be in the top 5th percentile.

But what did Karpathy discover makes the perfect selfie? Read on to find out...

1. Be female. Apparently there is a gender bias at work when we double tap, as women are consistently ranked higher than men.

2. Ensure your face occupies about a third of the image, positioning it at the center and the top of the frame.

3. Cut off your forehead.

4. Have long hair, especially with strands running down the shoulders.

5. Oversaturate the face with bright lighting and a washed out filter.

6. Add a white border.

And here's what not to do... the big don'ts include having low lighting, framing the head so it's really large and group shots.

BRB just decapitating ourselves and ditching all our friends.

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