26/11/2015 07:27 GMT | Updated 26/11/2015 07:59 GMT

Chris Moyles Got Hit With A Pint Glass At A Courteeners Gig (And Everybody Laughed)

Chris Moyles is a bit of a love-him-or-hate-him kind of guy, and that was certainly the sentiments at a recent Courteeners gig, which ended with the radio presenter being hit by a drink.

Sadly for Chris, the audience were actually quite impressed by the crowd member's actions, and cheered when the (presumably plastic) pint glass whacked the star in the head.

See the incident here (story continues below)...

The presenter was hosting a Radio X event in his hometown when the incident happened, but he was typically quick off the mark in hitting back, telling the crowd:"F***ing sign that person up for Leeds United."

He then joked: "So we had a chat backstage and we went, 'Do you think the crowd might be a bit f***ing rowdy tonight?'”

According to The Sun, the radio host didn’t suffer any injuries.

Chris Moyles

Chris has divided opinions since he returned to the airwaves on Radio X, and his declaration that he’s a feminist didn’t sit well with some critics.

Nevertheless, his first shows were deemed a success by a number of listeners, who were delighted to have Chris back.

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