High-Intensity Workouts To Try At Home Including Hip Dips, Jack Knives And Lunges

For those who don't want to fork out on a gym membership but still want to stay in shape, look no further.

Amanda Butler, a certified fitness instructor from Fhitting Room fitness studios in New York City, has shared eight high-intensity workouts that you can do in the tiniest of living rooms.

Do these once a day and you'll be toned up in no time.

Hand-release pushups

Strengthens your chest and triceps.

Supermans with lateral pull downs

Sculpts your back and shoulders.

Jack knives

Works your core.


Basically counts as cardio.

Single leg hip dips

Fires up your hamstrings and butt.

Tricep dips with extended leg

Tones your arms.

Split lunges with lateral arm raises

Targets the quads and butt while engaging the arms and shoulders.

180-degree jump squats

Finishes your workout with a nice bit of cardio.

Stationary Skater

Home Workout Routine: Low-Impact HIIT