Study Reveals How Often British Men Wash Their Underpants

Turns out, we're a whole nation of dirty stop outs...

More than a quarter of British men wear their underpants more than once before washing them, new research has revealed.

A study on the UK’s washing habits, by Glotech, found that 28% of men admit to wearing dirty underwear at least twice in a row.

Perhaps even worse, is that only 39% of people questioned washed their bed sheets every two weeks.

So now we know gross we all are, it begs the question... why?

Well, apparently only 40% of men think they're responsible for doing their own washing (compared with 88% of women) - which means the blokes were leaving it to their mums and partners instead.

Those aged between 25 to 34 are most likely to pay a cleaner to do their washing, suggesting perhaps their dirty habits stem from being pressed for time.

Any excuse, ey.

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