Commons People Politics Podcast: Spending Review, Chairman Mao and Syria Bombing

This week’s political news was dominated by the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, in which he performed u-turns on cuts to tax credits and police funding.

George Osborne also announced measures aimed at tackling the housing crisis and even tried to get to grips with the tampon tax.

But for all of Mr Osborne’s about-turns, it was Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s use of Chairman Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’ which caught the attention of many.

Mr McDonnell spent much of this morning insisting it was a joke, but the laughter didn’t spread to many of his Labour colleagues.

If yesterday focused on domestic affairs, today was very much about the international picture.

David Cameron set out his reasons for wanting to extend the UK’s bombing campaign against Isil into Syria, and put his case before MPs in a sombre Commons sitting.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn remains unconvinced on the need for more bombing by either Mr Cameron or by the private briefing on security and the Isil threat given to him by senior intelligence chiefs on Wednesday night.

A vote on the matter is expected at the beginning of next week.

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