Watch A Driver Narrowly Escape With His Life As Lightning Strikes Inches Away From His Car

The terrifying reality of lightning is that you never know where it will strike.

A driver in Melbourne found this out the hard way while travelling on a busy crossroads in Melbourne, Australia.

Moments after he had driven past a certain point at the junction, a bolt hit the road causing a large spark that sent bits of tar flying into the air.

A camera on board another vehicle captured the incredible moment and posted the video to YouTube.

What the seven-second clip fails to tell us is whether the driver was left unharmed and more crucially, whether the footage is real.

YouTube commenters with a healthy helping of cynicism have suggested that the footage is fake saying the bolt "would have flipped the car and been way louder. .."

All we can say is a little bit of skepticism goes a long way, at least when it comes to the internet.