Black Friday Video Of Woman Grabbing Steamer From A Child Could Be The Work Of Jimmy Kimmel

Footage of a Black Friday shopper grabbing a vegetable steamer out of a child's hands is reportedly the work of TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

The shocking video that has been circulating online shows a large crowd running into an American store and falling over one another to get to a display of vegetable steamers.

As people fumble on the floor trying to get a hold of the appliances, the video focuses on a woman apparently taking the box from the hands of little girl.

When the mother intervenes, the woman tries to take hers also. (See the video above)

A tussle between the two women then ensues.

Although it is not yet clear where the video originated from, many are sceptical as to whether the footage is genuine, with some suggesting it is the work of Kimmel.

Kimmel has not commented on claims he is behind the video.