Chris Ramsey On Bringing Up Boys, Football And The South Shields Over-40s Team

South Shields' funniest export, Chris Ramsey, has just had a bouncing baby boy. And he's ecstatic.

But there's one thing that worries him most about raising a child - football. Most parents would instantly start pressuring their kids to support their chosen team straight away, but not this comedian.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Chris talked about how his own family members have already voiced plans to buy Sunderland kit for the little Ramsey.

"It'll all go straight in the bin," Chris said. "I'm not pushing him towards anything. My dad tried to push me into football so much that that's why I'm not a football fan.

"Sunday mornings, my dad used to take us to watch the South Shields Over-40s... it just pushed us away from football."

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