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Find Out What Sort Of A Spender You Are

Do you love to save or live to shop? Whatever your spending personality, being in control of your cash flow is important. But when you have a busy, demanding life, keeping track of your money isn’t always easy.

That’s why E.ON has introduced Smart Pay As You Go, launching in 2016 – a new way to give you control of your energy use and spend whenever*, wherever you are.

With Smart Pay As You Go, there are no more unpleasant surprises when a bill arrives through your letterbox. You simply pay for your energy as you go, with reminders when you’re running low.

And making a payment couldn’t be easier – top up using the Pay As You Go app, by phone, online or at the Post Office, wherever and whenever* it suits you. With the app, you can also check the balance on your energy anytime to keep track of your spending, and even switch your money between meters.

To get Smart Pay As You Go, you’ll need a free compatible Smart Pay As You Go meter that E.ON will install for you. This comes with a handy display which shows you how much energy you’re using at a glance. Smart Pay as You Go also comes with a mobile app and website showing your future predicted spend to help you budget, and see where you can start to make savings.

When it comes to taking control of your finances, keeping track of your energy use and spend is a great place to start.

* During periods of regular planned maintenance our online services won’t be available